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The Blueprint Workshop

Using digital marketing to get your business in front of potential clients is more important than ever now in the post COVID-19 world. Responsible practices like “quarantining” and “social distancing” can also make it harder for would be customers to find your brand. Digital marketing can be a helpful way to engage current customers and acquire new ones - but can sometimes seem like a daunting amount of work. This month, Delvmore hosted a free, comprehensive seminar roadmapping the ins and out of digital marketing. “The Blueprint” seminar invited business owners to participate in a guided experience where they could identify their individual goals - or their vision - and develop a 90-day plan with steps to take to achieve those goals.

At Delvmore, we understand business owners need quick, effective solutions to marketing, and have to balance that against the demands of running your business. “The Blueprint” helps business owners understand how to evaluate the results of their marketing efforts, and areas where they might need additional help. Our goal is to help you achieve real results, and fill in the holes where you need help. For more about The Blueprint seminar and future events from Delvmore email us at

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