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To the World

Livestream your vision


Make additional revenue by securing and inserting 15 to 30 sec ads during the live stream.

Multi-track Audio recording

This option is perfect for concerts and panels with the ability to record audio separately on multiple tracks.

set design

Besides talent, script, wardrobe and the other elements, production and set design are key to storyline, context and the overall “feeling” of your project.

Multi-video recording

Present and create multiple iterations of your event with our ability to record on 4 cameras simultaneously. Whether it’s the ability to capture behind the scenes footage or varying points of view, we have it covered.


Allow us to provide your audience with an in depth digital experience. Engage your online community via events such as trainings, workshops, panels or concerts in real time, making your brand accessible and voice heard around the world. Our team of experts manages all production aspects and delivers quality sound, picture and recordings of your event.

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