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BTS of Moody's Music Video- I Dont Know

This has been an amazing year and Delvmore has had the opportunity to work with some amazing artist. One of which being Moody, coming out of Jackson Heights. He approached us, with some extreme ambition and work ethic and we wanted to make something that represented him well.

Once he sent over the song and gave me the specifics on what he was looking for, we got to work. One of the first things that we need to do is put together a "video treatment" of the video. What is a video treatment? Well this is a visual representation of the idea, mood, locations, etc that we would best represent him. Showing off the community and the people that supports him was really important to moody. We coordinated a time where he would be able to get people together and understanding that covid was a concerning matter we arranged an event that took full advantage of social distancing that we could.

We shoot a scene in front of the store that moody frequents on 34th and Osborne. We also wanted to show the lifestyle that he was speaking on in the music. This is a way of life that Moody has stepped away from and just wants to share with the world his perspective of the world. Delvmore team organized the talent, location scouted, collected the props, and scheduled the entire shoot from top to bottom. We want to take all the stress off of the talent so that they are able to perform at the best of their ability.

Delvmore Studios would like to send a huge shout out to Moody for working with us and allowing us to bring his vision to life. It takes a lot to bring an idea together and this was not only a phenomenal project, but it was very fun to put together. Make sure that you check out his music video that was released Oct 3rd. You can see the full music video below.

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