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The Big Game BTS

Within the last few weeks there have been many talks about football in the Tampa bay area. It has been a busy time, where a lot of attention has been placed on the city. With that being the case Delvmore was asked to assist with Outback Steakhouse in creating social media content that would highlight what is going on in the city as well as give a tour of the many things that the city has to offer.

It was a phenomenal experience!!!! We had a very short timeline in-order to get this project accomplished and Adrienne Juaire with Outback was extremely helpful in giving direction to the needs for the video. Within video production, it takes a lot of planning and also takes many hands in oder to accomplish things at a high level. It is a team effort and we at Delvmore was able to compile a team for this project. We have a few pictures from the beginning of the shoot here.

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